And don’t worry about losing.
If it is right, it happens—the main thing is not to hurry.
Nothing good gets away.

–John Steinbeck–


I met G at an InterVarsity bbq her freshman year, and upon discovering she was an ERC student, spent a lot of ensuing time invested in her dorm building. But it was not until she broke her ankle that we really started cultivating a deeper friendship. Chauffeuring someone to the hospital several times a month for many months in your roommate’s old car (RIP Frank) is clearly the surefire way to win outrageously talented friends who speak truth and stay for a lifetime. Try it!

G with a delectable dungeness crab sandwich from El Pescador.

Hurrah. Thanks for driving down to visit!

Days, views, and friends like these make me never want to go back…

Delicious breakfast at an old haunt on a beautiful blue-skied day in downtown La Jolla. So happy.