Lo’s Kitchen: Egg Salad Redux.

April 23, 2012

Admittedly, the few months of 2012 have been fraught with a degree of selfish frustration on my part. I have frequently wondered if my time here in Paraguay has been useful, if my efforts worthwhile, and if my perseverance is actually leading anywhere productive. “What are You doing with me here, Lord?” brazenly asks my small-visioned self.

Two weeks ago, I taught the girls how to make egg salad sandwiches in my cooking class. Quite frankly, I was a bit embarrassed about it. I mean, really, hard-boiled eggs and a bag of mayo?

But then Teresa came back to me a week later and recounted that she had taken her extra sandwich back to her mom, who coincidentally loved it and had her make it three more times that week. Then Techi quietly continued by saying, “Now that I know how to cook something, we are able to eat even when my mom doesn’t come home.”

There are eight children who live together with their mother in the tiny three-room compound. The father abandoned the family a few months back.

In one fell swoop, God provided for this family, humbled my lack of vision, and clearly demonstrated that He is the One who’s wisdom and power are at work in Paraguay.

Hard-boiled eggs and a bag of mayo? Really.


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