Lo’s Kitchen: Egg Salad Sandwiches.

April 9, 2012

My cooking class devotees.

If you have been following me, my updates, and my trusty blog, you know about Paraguay being the land of heat, heat, and OMG, more heat?!?!! What I have not adequately included is that mayonnaise occupies a main role somewhere in there as well.

Paraguayans are serious about their mayo and always in full fat form. Hot dogs, green salads, white rice, index fingers…you name it–it will unhesitatingly be smothered in mayonnaise. It may be gross, but here there is an entire aisle in the grocery store devoted to the stuff!

This is where today’s cooking class topic comes into play. For my girls who have little to no expendable income even for something as necessary as food, bread, eggs, and mayonnaise are about as basic as you can get. Well, besides white rice and mayo, I suppose. Ahem, all in the name of giving them more options!

Besides, this is truly the one instance where mayo is actually delicious. Although, I understand this is debatable for many. I know egg salad can be pretty polarizing. It seems you either love it or completely detest it. My fellow missionary S has to wait until her husband leaves on business trips because he cannot even stand the smell of eggs boiling, and then she eats it every single day until his return.

I am so glad B eats everything because a picky eater would be a total deal breaker for me. Not even the supplement of salsa hips could overcome that. But I digress…

I expected hooting and hollering shouts of joy when I announced today’s recipe. Instead, everyone gaped at me like I was crazy (okay, so they always look at me like that?). Soon enough though, they tasted and saw the light.

But definitely not mayo light.

Putting the eggs in to boil.
(Eggs here are naaasty. I usually give them a rinse before use.)

Tara cooling off the boiled eggs.

Giving a quick demo before passing off the duties.

Broadening horizons one egg at a time.

Extra tip: Sometimes if I am feeling particularly sassy, I like to add curry powder or Sriracha to my egg salad. But not together. Ew.

One Response to “Lo’s Kitchen: Egg Salad Sandwiches.”

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