Aventura Extrema: Mbatovi.

March 20, 2012

On our fourth bus of the five we took that day, B fell asleep and nearly got thrown into the aisle when we hit a pothole. It was quite the sight, really, with flailing limbs tossed every which way and the entire bus crowd staring at the distinctly out-of-place Chinitos. Bleary-eyed, grimy, and exhausted, we giggled sheepishly at each other and looked at our watches for what must have been the millionth time that afternoon. Were we ever going to get home? Ah, the joy that is public transportation in a developing country.

Seeing as Asuncion isn’t exactly a treasure trove of entertainment, we embarked on a journey to Mbatovi to do some extreme adventuring. Though the excursion itself turned out to be a lot more sweaty helmet head than the ziplining and cliff rappelling we anticipated, and the voyage to get there even crazier than anything else we did, the cache of cultural experiences we burst upon were regardless what MasterCard commercials call priceless.

Experiencing Paraguay via sputtering chicken buses and the myriad of entirely delectable odors that permeate the countryside, watching four different sizes and species of ants fight over the dead carcass of yet another kind of ant, video-taping my wild zipline ride (my legs look like they are doing an unintentional and very amateur Can Can) for generations of my offspring to admire, pointing and snickering at harness-induced bunchy butts as we climbed stairs…

I doubt 150 mil and six hours of cattle cars could buy that kind of love anywhere else in the world.

We made it.

Harnessing up.

Check out B’s hiking shoes.

Into the heart of darkness.

Zipline course.

We survived launching ourselves off this cliff.


One Response to “Aventura Extrema: Mbatovi.”

  1. Carla Says:

    Aw, love the last picture!

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