Dinosaur Love: Are We There Yet?

March 18, 2012

Back in November, we missionaries took a roadtrip out to the Chaco. That was six hours in a car with small children asking, “Are we there yet?” over and over and over. And over. Their parents kept telling them, “Just wait. We will be there soon enough, but you need to be patient.” It was such a struggle for those little chums.

I am more than two decades older than some of those kids and I am still learning the same lesson. Wait on the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait on the Lord.

When I moved to Spain and B and I first tested the waters of long-distance, we had just started dating. In fact, we had technically put the fledgling whatever we were “on hold” so we couldn’t even really call it dating. But we kept in touch and the relationship progressed pleasantly. Long-distance was a tough new monster, but it was a matter of young love and waiting on the Lord and not exactly knowing anything else. I was living the dream studying in Spain and he was stirring up the masses to change lives in San Diego. Big deal stuff, but we just weren’t quite there yet.

After five years (I know, right?!) of sharing potato chips, life passions, and character flaws, a lot and not much has changed. We are still together. We are still up to some big deal stuff. And we are still waiting on the Lord…on separate continents. Still.

As a long roadtrip does not get easier with time, long-distance continues to get progressively more difficult. Knowing from prior firsthand experience what we would be up against has not helped. And while honestly, things have gone as well as they can all things considered, long-distance has still been a Tyrannosaurus Rex of a stinky poopface. Which is to say, it totally sucks. Waiting on the Lord is impatient business (there’s a character flaw for you). I just want to constantly ask, “Are we there yet?”

B popped into Asuncion this week after seven months of separation. It was freaking fantastic. We laughed, we cried, we grocery shopped. Because honestly, it is really about the little things–pushing a cart down the aisles, meal planning, and squabbling in the kitchen to enjoy a blessed home-cooked meal together. Forget the fancy dates (though obviously also treasured). Quoting Modern Family episodes and sharing knowing glances when someone walks by with flamboyantly printed pants is what life together is about. These are the kinds of things I ache for most.

It was wonderful. As the week progressed, I was amazed to feel how light my yoke felt. Each day was no longer this monumental struggle to survive in Paraguay and choose joy. Instead, having a major piece of my support system close was like joy was just kind of there, permeating everything. I didn’t have to fight desperately for it, and I felt brave and confident and capable and happy. All was well with the world.

Unfortunately, the arrangement was temporary and a week flew by way too quickly.

Today–the aftermath of another dreaded “see you later” episode at the airport–has been hard. It has been emotional and more overwhelming than I anticipated. Shouldn’t I be better at this by now? Also, ARE WE THERE YET?! Gah.

I know that someday I will look back on this time and think, “Wow. It has been years since we pushed through those arduous days of long-distance,” and they will be but a memory (and hopefully a triumph) in the past. And we will be there.

But for now, we wait on the Lord. We will be strong and take heart and wait on the Lord.



…are we there yet?


One Response to “Dinosaur Love: Are We There Yet?”

  1. viv Says:

    I feel ya. As I read this, Kev is packing up to go to the airport. In a few hours we’ll be separated again for another 6 months, and I feel like this time is worst because we’re engaged now and I’m so looking forward to our future together. Long distance relationships are… the worst. But God’s rooting for you and I’m rooting for you. Know that you’re not alone in your struggles.

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