La Ruta: Paraguayan Baseball.

February 18, 2012

For our special youth group outing to Parque Nu Guasu, I was under the impression that the leaders in charge would be organizing group games and activities. Instead, they brought a rugby ball, a Nerf football, and a soccer ball…and then instantly abandoned the group to initiate a males only rugby game.

You can bet complaints on part of the girls were shrill and immediate. “I’m boooooorrreddd.” “What do we get to do?” “When are we going home?”

The swing set and metal seesaw were not about to be our only source of entertainment for the next three hours. So left to my own defenses, I did what I could to explain some basic (very, very basic considering we only had eight girls) baseball rules, and cobbled together a diamond using backpacks as bases. I then armed the first batter up with a big stick, underhanded the soccer ball, and watched as…complete and total confusion ensued.

Eventually, the girls caught on and it was the best pick-up game of ghetto baseball I have ever played (never mind that it is the only one I’ve ever played). We were just missing some Cracker Jack and a seventh inning stretch!

Good sports.

A pitch high and inside.

Hey batta batta!

Second base, shortstop, and girl on third.

Makeshift glove?


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