Dinosaur Love: The Parking Ticket

February 14, 2012

One night, I was returning from a three-hour African film class (reasons why being an International Studies: Sociology major was a great choice). It had been a long day, and I was looking forward to a quiet evening ensconced in my room.

I walked into my apartment only to be greeted by a piercing scream. I will never forget that heart-stopping moment when I thought something was seriously wrong with S. I rushed to her room, but instead of finding a bloody crime scene (I don’t know, have you heard S scream?), she came lunging out, shoved me back down the hallway, and slammed her door.

Uh. What.

I cautiously walked to my room, and I kid you not, peeked around the door before entering and even checked my closet to see if someone was pranking me. I had no idea what was going on, and since I couldn’t find anything else amiss, got right to work relaxing at my desk.

At least an hour passed before I noticed some new handwritten messages on the small whiteboard hanging on my door. I wandered over to take a closer look and was befuddled to find a big, dry-erase flower drawn with “Dinner at 4:59pm?-G” scribbled next to it. And in the other corner of the white board, “Dinner at 4:58pm?-E and Br” And lots of “Hee hee hee’s” littered in the white spaces.


I sat back down at my desk (but not before I checked my closet again) confused beyond comprehension. And then I finally saw it. Amidst all the Christmas cards and decorated affirmation notes cluttering my door was a single white rose duct-taped to a…parking ticket. I glanced around again to make sure no one was hiding somewhere waiting to film my reaction (I still thought I was being pranked).

On the mustard yellow UCSD Parking Services envelope, “Payment in person is not available.” was crossed out and “only” scrawled right above. Inside was a torn scrap of paper with a barely legible “Dinner at 5 tomorrow? -B.” Then all the crazy whiteboard notes made sense (to this day, I’m still unsure about the guttural scream).

I sheepishly called B to consent to our first “real” date, and then suddenly a bevy of friends flooded into my apartment to admire the romantical gesture. Word sure traveled fast in those IV circles. Seriously. There was a buzzing crowd crammed in my room at one point much to my embarrassment. The best though was when N in his teasing excitement accidentally snapped the rose in half, and the entire room fell silent.

Fortunately, that was not an omen of things to come.


2 Responses to “Dinosaur Love: The Parking Ticket”

  1. Grace Lee Says:

    LOL this made my day. Totally remember this. :)

  2. […] was a big date. After a whirlwind two months of raw food, parking tickets, a whole lotta whispering, and a teensy bit of hand-holding, this was finally where things came to […]

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