Josiah turns 5.

February 3, 2012

Stinking cute.

J is my sweet little friend who prefers to wear his tighty whiteys backwards because, as he says, this way he can actually “see the pictures.” The best part about this is that when he gets home, the turned-around underwear becomes his only play clothes. As he tears around the house practically naked with his light sabers, bullfrogs, lego cars, and the like, you can hear his siblings yelling, “Ya Yaaa, I can see your bum bum cheeks!” And he is all the happier for it.

Another favorite J story took place a few months ago. Knowing that I really love green mangoes, he undertook picking one for me unsolicited while playing at his friend’s house one day. I was in the car with him later on when we heard, “RATS!” come from the back seat.

“What’s the matter, J?”

“I pick one feen mango at my fen’s house for Big Nornen, but I FORGOTTED IT!”

We consoled him and thanked him for the sweet consideration. That night, as I was playing with his sisters, he came and handed me a tiny bouquet of flowers he had picked from the backyard and said sadly, “Big Nornen, I sorry I forget the feen mango. You can have these fowers until I remember to bring you another one.”

Sigh. I hope I have little boys like him one day.

Here are some pictures of the birthday parties S recruited me to help with today. The newly minted 5-year-old was Captain America (complete with matching undies probably worn backwards) by day and Star Wars Jedi knight by, well, night.

The lunch setup. Amazing what you can do when you don’t live in America.

Someone brought their kid Chinese tamales for lunch. No hot dog for her. :(

Preschoolers praying for their food. So sweet.

He was sooo happy. (Check out my cupcake creation!)

The Star Wars cookies n’ cream cake I made for the pool party.

My Paraguay family.


One Response to “Josiah turns 5.”

  1. joyce Says:

    Nornen, this is so adorable. What a sweet kid.

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