Small reminders of home.

January 25, 2012

When I was a graduating senior in high school, I wallowed in despair that I was moving on to UCSD. I thought it was my worst nightmare school because I desperately wanted to get the heck out of San Diego. I loathed the fact that I was effectively being sentenced to stew there for at least four more years. People tried to comfort me by saying stupid things like, “You’re probably going to meet your future husband there or something.”

Naturally, God chuckled to himself and despite my sour attitude, blessed me with some of my best years so far. And yes, someone I can very well see myself spending the rest of my life with too.

Of course, now, as what I am sure is a bit of penance for my adolescent brattiness, San Diego is what I so wretchedly miss most. Gloomy mornings taking dawn patrol and sitting on the beach huddled under a hoodie, searching out my favorite surfer amidst a sea of waves and boards haunt me constantly. I ache for it. And especially in this season of inane heat, I miss it terribly.

In Spain, whenever I felt overwhelmingly far from home, I’d take the early morning train to Sitges, walk out on the jetty, sit for hours listening to the lapping waves surrounding me, and feel completely refreshed. Here in Asuncion, there is nothing of the sort. Not even a remote substitution for sea breeze or seashore.

But this morning, for thirty brief minutes, the sky was miraculously overcast and a surprisingly crisp breeze blew authoritatively through my kitchen window. I slid the glass as far open as it would go, and a glorious gust of wind ruffled my hair and billowed through my t-shirt. There are no words to describe how wonderful it felt, despite the pangs of homesickness that rippled sharply through my insides.

In some strange way, it was a glimmer of home and a taste of every last thing I long for in San Diego. I drank it in thirstily, and sent up a thousand prayers of deep gratitude for that small snatch of time and space the fed right into my soul.

Thank you, Jesus, for this morning. I needed it.

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