Chinese New Year in Paraguay, Part 2.

January 24, 2012

Yesterday, I got to share Chinese New Year with my favorite little missionary chums. To say that it was a cultural lesson for this family originally from the South is an understatement. Josiah kept poking his potsticker and saying, “I bited somefing hard in that” (the crispy, crunchy, best part bottom!). And when I explained eating uncut noodles for long life, Caleb, whose noodles were chopped to smithereens looked at me and asked with wide eyes, “Does this mean I’m going to die before I get to third grade? But we have a talent show this year!”

The kids also got a kick out of the Zodiac calendar and their animals, immediately pitting themselves against each other. Caleb, a monkey, told Josiah, “I’m going to throw down a banana peel so you will slip.” Josiah the pig replied, “Well, well…::SNORT::” I only wish I had red envelopes with me to complete the experience (I gave them Slinky’s, hackysacks, and bubbles instead. Ha. This is how we do in Paraguay.)

Here are a few pictures of our unorthodox-ish celebration:

My honorary Chinese family.

Not exactly traditional, but it is what I can make. Of the ingredients available in this country.

My little friends (see that sheen? I’m totally sweating buckets).

Lauren scarfed down several helpings of my food and then proceeded to cram down all the oranges at the table as well. There are many reasons why Lauren’s are awesome. This is one of them.


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