La Ruta: Bad Days and Birthdays.

January 19, 2012

Ruth and Vanessa Baez: January Birthday Queens.

Saturday morning, I awoke to a bad case of the stomach queasies. I then spent the next few hours “disclosing” some nasty secrets to a particular porcelain throne. It was a great time.

I called my peeps to cover me for OANSA, but knew that I still needed to carry out my duties for La Ruta later in the evening. After returning to bed for the latter part of the morning, I eventually dragged myself to the kitchen to whip up a cake for our January birthdays celebration.

As always, I preheated the oven to far hotter than necessary (only then does the beast obediently adjust to the correct temperature, finicky jerk) before I even gathered ingredients and mixing bowls. Then I went about my not-so-merry way, sticking with a simple recipe, fearful of the continued stomach rumbling.

When I finally went to put the cake in to bake, the oven felt alarmingly lukewarm and I discovered to my utmost delight that the gas tank had run out. Jackpot. I grumpily crammed the battered pan in the fridge, faced with no choice but to head to church early to finish (or start, rather) baking.

Once at Mi Esperanza, it took four people 30 minutes too long to figure out how to even turn the oven on. And then of course in accordance to it being that kind of day, halfway through baking the cake, the church oven went out too. Three cheers for Lo–missionary and expert oven killer. An emergency trip to buy gas was made and despite my doubts about any edible results being produced, I, at long last, had something that at least resembled a cake.

By this time, with our party fast approaching, a cooling period was not an option. I simply plopped my whipped frosting on top hoping it would melt well enough to look like a presentable chocolate glaze. The fact that it ultimately turned out to look more like a glorified chocolate doughnut was about the only thing that felt like a success that day (because if you know anything about me, you know my relationship with doughnuts…).

Well, that and the beauty of being able to lovingly celebrate another year in the lives of two girls who deserve all the chocolate doughnuts in the world.

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