January 16, 2012

1. Yoga.

2. Visit Brazil.

3. Believe in self.

4. Grow out hair.

5. Take better photos.

6. Read through the Bible.

7. Be better than the crappy stuff.

8. See B at least once (sigh).

9. Start fasting once a month again with B.

10. Pray for the Baez family every day.

11. Fundraise for the Baez family.

12. Pursue two [new] friendships.

13. Blog at least six times a month.

14. Cook something new every week.

15. Improve Spanish, especially vos conjugations.

16. Get comfortable with the Asuncion bus system/routes.

17. See at least one girl from my La Ruta small group come to Christ.

18. Start social ministry for women (relationship violence awareness, etc.).

19. Work on having better posture (note to self: sit up straight!).

20. Be intentionally thankful for something every day.

Love God. Love others. Love yourself.


3 Responses to “2012.”

  1. Carla Says:

    Love this list!

  2. […] out the door muttering, “You got this, Lo.” I guess this entry could be tagged with Resolution #3 as […]

  3. […] Since I am on a tourist visa in Paraguay, I have to leave the country and get my passport re-stamped every 90 days. Over Christmas, I made a glorious pit stop in Honduras. This time around, I am hanging out in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil for a few days, and it has been a refreshing escape. Conveniently enough, I have family in Brazil as well, and this has made it a wonderful first time in the country (booyah to Resolution #2). […]

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