Dinosaur Love: The Pursuit

December 8, 2011

[Long-distance stinks. Sometimes recounting stories is what I need to do to stay sane.]

My sophomore year in college, I shared an apartment with an RA and two other InterVarsity freshmen Bible Study leaders. It goes without saying that Earth Hall South 213 was a social hub with a constant stream of people flowing in and out at all hours.

B was just one in a sea of faces that year to frequent the apartment. I always thought it was strange that he would show up whenever my apartmentmates were gone (since I presumed he was there to visit them), and though I didn’t exactly consider us friends per say, I would feel obligated to entertain him nonetheless. I remember having many an awkward conversation all the while hoping he would hurry up and leave so I could continue with whatever it was I was doing before he arrived. Cruel, I know, but I was busy that year!

G and S would tease me about his consistent and recurrent visits, but I brushed their insinuations off as implausible. After all, I barely knew the guy. Amidst never-ending MMW papers, Dollar Scoop Tuesdays at Baskin and Robbins, investing in my ERC freshmen, and all the responsibilities of ministry, I had no time to draw conclusions about a certain individual’s regular habits much less think about romantic interests.

Sure, we spent a fair amount of time together thanks to Dorm Team, but then again, our entire group of leaders spent a lot of time together. There was nothing out-of-the-ordinary in it for me. Finally, as the year drew to a close, the whispers got louder and many friends started blatantly giggling whenever B and I were in any sort of near proximity. I was still completely clueless and very perplexed about the sudden uprising of commentary. As I pondered the source of all this, I started to realize how compatible we were and how much I did enjoy spending time with B.

We were always the ones left in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up after big events. Most of our conversations were impassioned dialogues about world injustices and how we should solve them (the others were about junk food; in retrospect, how did I not immediately notice we were a match made in heaven?). He was pretty stinking witty, and of all the things I didn’t notice throughout the year, I never forgot that he looked very much like a dinosaur. I liked dinosaurs.

2 Responses to “Dinosaur Love: The Pursuit”

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