OANSA: Watermelon Wreckage

November 14, 2011

Watch for Alberto, who dive bombs the watermelon every time. Amazing.

The beauty of leading children’s ministries anywhere outside of the U.S. is the freedom that accompanies a lack of regard for cooties, otherwise known as germs. We took advantage of this and pitted our OANSA kids against each other in a race to devour watermelon halves without hands. Hilaaarious!

In other notes, Paraguayans hold many unorthodox beliefs about the consumption of watermelon. For example, if you eat chocolate after chowing down on some watermelon, you will die. Also, if you drink water after slurping up some sandia, you will die. And don’t even think about eating watermelon near a pool. You. Will. Die.

Watch yo’selves, friends!

4 Responses to “OANSA: Watermelon Wreckage”

  1. Grace Says:

    hahaha. awesome! thanks for sharing :)

  2. xandimusic Says:

    haha, great, very nice!!

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  4. […] kids sift through bowls of flour, hunting for lollipops with their faces has replaced the classic watermelon game as my favorite disturbingly fascinating game of OANSA. To my great entertainment, we bade the […]

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