COICOM: Paraguay 2011

October 21, 2011

I know, it’s a terrible picture. I was sitting so far away.

COICOM (Confederación Iberoamericana de Comunicadores, Pastores, Lideres y Medios Masivos Cristianos; yeah, I don’t know how they got to the acronym either) is a “movement inspired by God with the vision and mission of preparing, motivating, and mobilizing the church for evangelism to all Spanish-speakers in the world.” It is also an annual conference that is held in a different country in Latin America each year. This year, it’s in Paraguay.

Over 5,000 Christians from twenty-two different countries in North, Central, and South America converge in Asuncion for a week of plenary sessions and workshops on leadership, evangelism, youth ministry, contemporary media…you name the topic and there is very likely a talk or exhibit about it. Even Steve Green is here to give a closing concert on Saturday (I didn’t even know he was still around, but apparently being an MK from Argentina, he is a pretty big deal here in Latin America.)

So far, the sessions I have attended have been informative and eye-opening (entries to come). It was awesome when Marco Barrientos kind of sang his way through his charla (and he is Mexican so I could actually understand every single word he spoke). But even better than the knowledge thus far imparted or being one of the lone Asians in a giant sea of Hispanic faces or the fact that the conference site is twelve minutes walking from my apartment, is seeing such a multitude of believers, clearly from all different socio-economic and even ethnic (so many indigenous groups) backgrounds, gathered together to worship the Living God in an otherwise relatively insignificant and unknown, by the world’s standards anyway, South American country. Unity is fun.

In other more worrisome notes, next year, COICOM is going to be held in Honduras. I honestly have no idea how they are going to deal with such a large scale venture, logistically and security-wise. I hope people don’t die!  …

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