Sincerely, Perspective.

October 16, 2011

Last night at La Ruta (the youth group we just started at Mi Esperanza!), we read Matthew 4:18-22, where the four disciples John, Peter, James, and Andrew leave everything–their boat, their fishing nets, their families, their livelihood–to follow Jesus.

If I were asked to examine the cost of dropping everything to follow Christ, some things that would spur a second guess or two might be: a stable, loving family, a patient boyfriend, comfy digs and a clean bathroom, routine (and a calendar with which to manage it), french fries/carne asada burritos/dumplings/hot sauce/salty snacks (um, can you tell what I’ve been missing already?), and a wardrobe full of v-necks and a few other snazzier items. Okay, I’m being a little flippant, but really, there are (too many) things, both of honorable as well as embarrassingly superficial nature, that would cause hesitation.

Imagine then what it was like to lead a discussion with teens who have only known poverty their entire lives, and reside in what we wouldn’t even deem good enough to be squatting holes, about what they would be disposed to leave for Christ.

“Um, well, for me, not my parents because I don’t have any.”

“Not a bed because we don’t have any furniture where we live.”

“I wouldn’t care about leaving clothes. Mine are always dirty and too small anyway.”

“Honestly, I’d probably get to eat more if I lived with Jesus.”

How did I win the lottery for extravagant life?

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