La Iglesia de Mbokajaty

September 18, 2011

The rough cobblestone made for a jarring ride, and once I descended the vehicle, red dirt known as tierra colorada, clung to my shoes for dear life. Children swarmed the van to embrace the missionary couples, recognizing them from previous Kids Clubs held in the village, and gawked for a moment before diving in to give me enthusiastic hugs as well. (Some later confided bluntly that they had never seen a Chinese person before. I guess that would have struck momentary fear in my young heart too, ha.)

It was a festive gathering in one of the poorest areas of town. Trash littered the ground everywhere I looked. Corrugated metal and crumbling cement “walls” visible behind dilapidated, rusty fences stood for living spaces. The children were filthy. And somewhere after a maze of left turns rose a bare bones brick shell of a building.

What I’m told was previously posts and a roof too high to provide shade or shelter had been transformed with a cement floor, the red brick walls, and an entrance structure. This was the newly remodeled church of Mbokajaty, and tonight’s celebration was a gathering of all the Christian churches in Asuncion to rally around this particular community.

There was a lively worship session, a sermon from CMA’s B, prayers by some of the other pastors, and a presentation of gifts. Each church had taken up a special offering within their own congregations in support of the ministry in Mbokajaty, and all told, they raised 8,500,000 Guaranis (roughly $2200)! Keep in mind that many of these other churches are not particularly large or well off themselves.

Even though the need was 15 million Guaranis and the collective financial effort was, well, a little short, it was amazing just to see all these other local churches coming together so passionately to support Mbokajaty. CMA had a work team from the States come and assist with the manual labor of laying brick at one point, but how wonderful that it has largely been local investment that has furthered things along.

I can only imagine what unity this inspires in church at large in Asuncion. Afterwards, people were mingling, doling out cocido (a warm drink of terere, sugar, and milk), and rejoicing together over collaborative effort, fellowship, and the provision of the Lord. What a picture of church.

*Two biceps and a big toe were harmed in the writing of this entry. Mosquitos = death.


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