Flight #3: Lima to Asuncion

September 17, 2011

This leg of my journey to Paraguay was considerably less uneventful than the first two. I was in the same seat, same row, and what do you know, it was empty again! (And this time, no one tried to give me a lap dance for a spot.) Woohoo.

The hot meal served was a seemingly innocuous pasta with meat sauce, but it turned out to be inedible thanks to some crunchy, undercooked noodles. There was also another alien baby salad, but with mashed babies. Noooo, thank you. I slathered my bread in butter and called it dinner.

After another seriously shaky landing (9.0 earthquake in the air, anyone?), I disembarked to discover a hoard of Chilean rugby players hogging up the line to go through immigration. Joy. Eventually I made it through and wrangled my giant luggages on a cart. Considering the ticket counter lady at LAX told me that my extra suitcase could arrive in nine days as it was considered stand-by (even though I paid $125 to check it in…), watching all three suitcases round the carousel was a sight for sore eyes, even if they were heavy. Airport personnel tried to help, but as I had no Guarani cash to tip with later, I doggedly insisted on doing my own wrestling. Shew.

The rest of the evening, er, morning was a blur with the entire CMA Paraguay team there to greet me with hugs and warm, humid weather, and then a daze of a trip back to the Director’s apartment where I will be staying for a few weeks until my own living arrangement is settled. A rattling thunderstorm with lightning and the works crashed in just as I plopped into bed. Ah, springtime in the Southern Hemisphere.

I’m here!


One Response to “Flight #3: Lima to Asuncion”

  1. Si Says:

    Oh man!!! So exciting!!

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