Flight #2: San Salvador to Lima

September 17, 2011

I settled into my aisle seat (again) and watched as people piled onto the plane, progressively panicking about the decreasing overhead compartment space. Carry-ons were not fitting, and ohymgod, my-life–is-going-to-end-right-now-if-I-don’t-have-somewhere-to-stash-this-gigantic-bag hysterics were building. I waited for someone to stop at my row, request me to stand up, and allow them to scoot in. But it never happened.

I watched as row after row filled up, and glancing behind and in front of me, I noticed the aircraft was completely packed, save for my row. I mentally high-fived myself and chuckled selfishly at the three very large Brazilian men crammed together in 18 A, B, and C. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep before we even left the ground.

I later awoke to something strangely suffocating my legs. I opened my eyes to find one of the Brazilian giants practically sitting on me, as he tried to surreptitiously claim one of the empty seats to my right. He giggled nervously realizing he could not have slid 200 pounds by me without my noticing. I think he tried to make up for it with conversation.

Rambling in friendly “Spanish” (which was really 90% Portuguese), he recounted the tales of the surf trip he was returning from in El Salvador, going so far as to show me all the pictures of waves he had taken with his cell phone (shout out to B). My comprehension was at about 60% with all the Portuguese my one quarter at UCSD did not prepare me for and all the wheezing laughter. This guy thought he was hiiiiilarious. Or maybe he was laughing at me because I kept nodding when he asked non-yes or no questions. Oops.

For lunch, we were served some creamy pasta garnished with mushrooms of death, and a side of “fruit” salad made with mayonnaise and alien babies. For the record, alien babies are NOT delicious.


One Response to “Flight #2: San Salvador to Lima”

  1. bryawnt Says:

    ALIEN BABIES? What the….

    Wait are you talking about raisins? :P

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