Packing. Check.

September 13, 2011

Booyah grandma.

After the school supplies and new luggage set started completely overtaking my room, I transported them all downstairs to continue their conquest in the living room. Then my clothing, replacing the colored pencils, glue sticks, and stickers, exacted anxiety-ridden fury on my bedroom floor. Who would get to go? Who would get left behind? It was all very tense and uncertain, so it was easier, believe it or not, to spend weeks simply stepping around crumpled piles of disgruntled v-necks than to think about organizing anything or making decisions.

Then the internet went out at my house, and I was left at home without a car (aka: means of escape). Faced with no choice but to face exactly what I had been avoiding, I sighed in resignation and commenced the arduous packing process.

I expertly packed the first suitcase in record time. Like a work of art, it had no wasted space; crayons crammed in every last crevice and bottles of glue bundled in like babies (not that we put babies in luggages…). I was a little sweatier for the wear, but so proud. And then I weighed it.

75.2 pounds of husky lovin’.

Pooooop. I had to take everything out and start from scratch. Fast forward through a few really sweaty hours (deodorant, check), and somehow, by the sheer grace of God, I managed to cram every last thing into the three beasts on wheels. And they are all about fifty el bees! Hallelujah. [Give or take. I’ll take it and pray the check-in attendant will be gracious about a few extra pounds. Maybe I can bribe him/her with cookies? Hm.]

Honestly, I am still in a little shock that everything fit. Of course, I also have a backpack and a small duffel bag, both of which I plan to carry-on. But man, all that jostling and throwing elbows worked! Now to wear the same nasty outfit everyday until I leave…

Maybe I should have left out some underwear.


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