The Countdown Continues…

August 16, 2011

We have basic cable and one television at home. Aside from snatches of the occasional Padres game, I can hardly be found on the couch consuming soap operas and C-SPAN.  Currently, I am spending the month in Oregon at B’s mansion, where they have almost every channel conceivable and I have been watching HGTV to an excess. Seriously. It is a little embarrassing.

House Hunters International is officially my favorite show ever. Minus the annoying couples they recruit to film, the lure of living in a beautiful house somewhere lovely in the world kills me every time. I cannot even count on one hand how many episodes B and I sat through yesterday. Ahem.

But really, wouldn’t it be awesome to move to a foreign country to live? OH WAIT.

Exactly one month from today, I will be lugging three massive suitcases (I know) onto three different flights (I know) to forge a new life in an unknown land. I am clearly not expecting luxury digs by any stretch, but I can’t help but continue counting down the days with great anticipation. The donated school supplies are piled high in my room, and I have already been asked to speak at a Ladies’ Tea in October. It is getting real. Major.

One month! Cheers!


2 Responses to “The Countdown Continues…”

  1. sergie Says:

    Lo you should pick up knitting! Then you would look back on your mansion days and think “what came out of those days?” You would look at all the beanies you would have knitted for me and be glad at the good utility of your leisure time. DO IT! WINTER IS COMING!!

  2. tim Says:

    sergie go buy yourself a beanie

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