Annie [Lo], get your gun.

July 8, 2011

In discussing Paraguay (because what else do I talk about these days), someone said to me, “You are a brave soul” and shot me their best omg-I-would-NEVER-let-my-child-do-what-you’re-doing-because-you’re-probably-going-to-DIE face. To be honest, I was a bit taken aback as anxiety over moving to Paraguay has not been an issue for me at all.

In fact, my biggest worries, the ones that really keep me up at night, are: 1) rodent infestations and 2) fear that I will clog my host family’s plumbing system every time I go to the bathroom (I tend to use a lot of toilet paper). Nothing too major, I thought.

And then I found this: “Instances of serious violent crime, including kidnapping, have increased lately. However, weapons can easily be obtained in Paraguay and are routinely carried. Although foreigners are not specifically targeted, remain alert at all times.”*

I am totally coming back a sharp shooter.



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