Woulda, coulda.

May 4, 2011

Around 11pm last Friday night, my phone buzzed with a text from my [now former] co-worker M that she had just gotten home three hours late after a wild night at the shelter. A client blew up, assaulted another client, smashed several lamps, broke a few more nightstands, threatened M with a violent death, and chased my boss in a fury.

“I have NEVER seen C run from a client. EVER.” texted M.

M ended up calling the police three times and eventually seven squad cars showed up to the shelter to arrest the client. My boss is pressing charges and the other client is now considered an assault victim (on top of the abuse she already suffered from her boyfriend).

I am still stunned. Had Friday not been my last day on the job, it would have been me working alone in M’s place. That was my shift–the crazy evening hours so susceptible to episodes such as these (but never so extreme). Seeing as the client had threatened me and gotten all up in my bidness the previous night, it is difficult to fathom what might have happened had I been the one on duty.

So humbled by God’s protection, timing, and convincing closure of a season in life.


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