In a “Would You Rather…” throwdown between salty snacks or sugary desserts, I would unequivocally choose duck fat french fries, hot Cheetos with limon, and Sweet Maui Onion potato chips forever (not to mention, white cheddar Cheez-its, honey BBQ Frito twists, honey mustard pretzel pieces–ahem, I’m not a junk foodie at all…). That said, on my most recent outing to Wine Vault & Bistro for the 10-course Cinco de Mayo celebration with A, B, and C (ha!), course number ten shocked me a new one.

Tres Leches  –  Horchata ice cream  –  Dulce de leche

I wish I could print those words in pulsating sparkly pink font to emphasize how serious this is and how much it should warrant your attention. These are truly the things dreams are made of.



For those who missed my sharing at Chinese Evangelical Church’s Missions Sunday 2011, here it is, replicated in its recorded glory.

Bear with me as I am still getting used to the whole video thing (nevermind the fact that I am a total goober as it is). So embarrassing.


Love is Patient.

May 12, 2011

It’s funny how life works out. High school was a miserable time for me; never in a million years would I have imagined that years later I would be such good friends with my sort-of friends from back then. (I mean, I guess we were good enough friends, but I was so stuck in my loneliness and desperation for deep companionship that reality paled in the face of my expectations.)

I had dinner with E and A tonight, and it was so unbelievably refreshing to spend time with people who are well-adjusted, pursuing what they want in life, and creating and finding their own brand of happiness. Our dreams vary drastically, but at the same time, we all share a certain fulfillment in taking ownership of making decisions in line with the directions we want to head and encountering contentment for doing so. (Seriously, I am so much happier now that I have quit my job. Can you tell?)

Not to mention, A wasn’t all fatalistic about B and my impending long-term, long-distance fate. Whereas most people have expressed deep concern about the future of our relationship, I loved that I didn’t have to convince A (and consequently myself) to be optimistic for us. And it’s not just that I appreciated her unsolicited validation of our relationship. It was her enthusiasm and excitement for our individual pursuits that gave me more peace than I have successfully fought for thus far.

She had a really great grasp on the fact that we are both going to do things that are good for us and that which we are passionate about. She recognized the value of each supporting the other’s dream, and how that makes things worth it. She understood how sweet it will be that, if B and I end up working out in spite of all things, we will never begrudge the other for preventing the seeking out and striving after of personal growth.

This is not to ignore the reality that long-distance will be a bitch and replete with frustrating, gut-wrenching moments, because it totally will be and occasional agony is inevitable. But B and I aready know that. Having toughed out geographic separation before, we know very well what we are up against. But it is the reminders of the positives that we treasure and find solace in after all. They provide perspective that instill confidence when all things emotional and rational long to resort to panic.

I am moving to Paraguay to live the dream! A dream that has been so long in the making. And B is going to freaking B-town to live, learn, and continue his legacy of genius and popularity.

Rejoice with us, my friends!

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I think God wants me in Paraguay.

Less than two months after sending out all my support letters, my first year of ministry is FULLY FUNDED. I am blessed by the One who provides and by the incredible community He has rallied around me.

Praise the LORD.